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Jeff Grant’s background in store design and planning covers three generations. Victor Grant, Jeff’s grandfather, founded one of Los Angeles’ earliest store fixture and display companies, Grant & Silvers in 1931. The firm designed and built equipment and display props for many of the leading retail firms of that era. Grant & Silvers actually manufactured the coconuts used in Hollywood‘s famous Coconut Grove nightclub. Jeff’s father, Marvin and his uncle Don both worked with Victor until 1952. Marvin then founded his own company to design stores and sell retail equipment. Marvin represented many store fixture manufacturers before he retired in 1988 and was named Salesman of the year by the Western Association of Visual Merchandisers in 1983, the highest honor in the industry.

Jeff’s initial chosen profession was law (thus becoming the black sheep of the family) and he practiced as a business lawyer from 1976 though 1981. In October of 1981, Jeff learned from his father that Jay Display, a San Diego display firm, was for sale. Jeff bought the company and orchestrated its growth into one of the largest store design and equipment firms in the Southwest.

Jeff left the company in 1990 and decided to practice law again. On the first day of work in his rekindled profession Jeff received a phone call from the Phoenix Suns asking him to design the retail store in their new arena. Jeff’s 2nd legal career lasted less then a year and he then established TRIO Display, a specialty retail design and consulting firm in San Diego, California. The new Suns store became one of the most successful team shops in the league and over the next few years Jeff and his team of designers went on to design stores for over 30 professional and college teams.

After Sept 11, 2001 Jeff decided to expand the company. At the same time the e-commerce side of the internet was just starting to take-off and Jeff took the firm along with that tide. Through the use of web marketing and his partnerships with Google, Yahoo and MSN the firm is now one of the most comprehensive and well visited retail design websites on the internet. Grant Retail Design touches thousands of retailers every month through design articles, his book, his clients and social media.

Jeff has worked on projects with the Reagan and Nixon Libraries, Orange County Choppers, Phoenix Art Museum, Hollywood Bowl, Disney, Universal Studios, RMS Titanic, Star Wars, the U.S. Olympic Committee, The San Francisco Zoo and the Monterrey Aquarium. His specialty is team shops for professional sports and he has designed stores for teams including the New York Yankees, the Seattle Sonics and the Atlanta Braves among others.

Jeff is currently involved in the design and planning of many different types of stores in locations from Katmandu to San Diego. The range of stores the firm deals with is very diverse and at any given time they may be designing surf shops, low-carb marketplaces, professional team shops, dive stores, hospital gift shops, lingerie stores, liquor stores, Go Cart centers, and many more with budgets ranging from $5,000 to $250,000.

Jeff operates out of his studio in La Jolla, California and clients from all over the country confer with him about retail design, visual merchandising, budgeting, POS operations, web marketing and more.

Visit Jeff’s web site at for a broad overview of his design firm and it’s clients, services and products.Jeff Grant can be reached at: E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 619-208-7527.